Saturday, February 5, 2011

Daisy Cupcakes

French Vanilla Frosted Rainbow & Chocolate Cake cupcakes.

These Cupcakes too were for our church's bake sale. All the funds are going to go towards fundraising for "World Youth Day."
I got these cupcake papers & daisies from the "Martha Stewart Collection". They have been sitting in my cupboard for a while waiting to be made for the perfect event.

 I love polka dots. This is what Sold me on buying these paper cups...


With much disappointment....
They DID NOT SHOW UP!!! err Sorry Martha!

I love Ya but I'm not happy with your paper cups.

Look at the picture below....
......No yellow??!!! No POLKA DOTS!!!
Sigh :(
Any who....
I was going to do plain French Vanilla cupcakes.(this is the batter before they hit the oven)..but I thought that was kinda boring, so I thought Id add a splash of color-with Wilton gel color (rose pink, sky blue, and yellow butter cream)...It really changed the whole look of what I had planned for the cupcakes...
so much for boring white...I think I could find this my new favorite thing so fun!
These were super Colorful & really yummy.
I know that at the sale probably 90% of the people are probably guilty "Chocolate Lovers"like me...So I couldn't be a part of a bake sale with no Chocolate....

So I gave in.

I whipped up Another batch of Double Chocolate Cupcakes. I wonder which will sell faster? The rainbow bright cupcakes or Chocolate?
Or maybe no one will buy them at all?
who am I kidding...they will be gone.......right?!

"I hope."

(all packed and ready to go)..


  1. omg im so hungry after looking at those gorgeous cupcakes. great blog

  2. Those are awesome! I am always a little jealous (okay fine, more than a little) of those who can create such neat food items when I can barely make a cake without it collapsing in the middle, lol.

  3. Those are pretty and colorful! How did they sell?

    New to following you from MBC!

  4. Ohhhh PRETTY cupcakes!!! I love how you only iced the center so you could see the color of the cake!

  5. oh my..those look scrumptiously delicious ~ and SO colorful! yummy!